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All of LDO’s teachers are native speaking experts, who studied Dutch and/or work with the Dutch language professionally. They are Dutch, too, so they can tell you all the ins and outs about Dutch culture and history. This makes your personal tutor at LearnDutchOnline invaluable, especially when you want to fully integrate in Dutch society and become Dutch by taking the ‘inboergering’ – the civic integration exam of the Netherlands. Continue reading this page if you want to learn the best Dutch for the lowest price. Or go here if you need a Dutch course right now.

Students from all over the world enjoy lessons – bot in a real classroom as well as online – at LDO for over 10 years now. Since we know and passionately love what we teach – Dutch – we can offer you the best courses for the best pricing.

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We are not looking to make a fast buck out of some expats – we genuinely care about and admire the big step so many international beautiful people are taking into this small little country of ours. And we are willing to help you during every step along your journey in Holland!

Pick an intensive Dutch course for just 50% of the regular price. This week only!
Pick an intensive Dutch course for just 50% of the regular price. This week only!

One of the most important things to do if you’re serious about staying in the Netherlands is learning Dutch. Obviously, you would not be here if you were not looking into learning Dutch, right? Today might be your lucky day, as you can pick one of the top Dutch courses LDO offers for 50% of the regular course fee.

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First off all: why do you want to learn Dutch? And how would you describe your current level of the language?

The anwers to these questions are very important. You can and should use them to pick the right course for you. You can go for an online course with minimum contact, a full online course, individually and in a small group. Obviously, due to the COVID-19 outbreak all courses are conducted online until further notice.

There’s always an option for you, but full = full. You can always be put on the waiting list, depending on your preferences of course. Providing high quality Dutch courses to you is what we at LearnDutchOnline do!

Go for the Inburger me Now small group course, if you want gain Dutch citizenship.

You already scheduled your inburgering or are going to in the near future. In 9 hours a week, you will practice solely with materials, tools and tricks aimed at passing your Dutch civic integration exam. Use coupon code INB50NWff920 in your application form to apply the 50% discount. Valid this week only. Ending the 27th of September 2020. Register for Inburger me Now here.

Pick the intensive individual week course, if you want to boost your Dutch FAST, or pick up the essentials during a fun intensive week! Want to dive into the essential grammar of the Dutch language? While getting those Dutch speaking and writing skills in, too? Then go for this intensive week, which will definitely shock your mind (just a little), making you speak Dutch at work and to friends before you realize!

Don’t hesitate, take that week off and go full-Dutch. And use code INTWK50NWff920 to get your 50% off.

Choose the 1-month intensive, and MASTER Dutch within just 30 days.

Caution: as with all of LDO’s courses, motivation and an active mindset are required. For this intensive journey of one month especially, expect to invest at least 1-2 hours of daily practice on top of your regular homework. All of your weak points will be improved upon, and all essentials together with more advanced Dutch grammar will be taught to you. Until you can dream it.

You can adjust this one month intensive course according to your level and goals always – in agreement with your personal LDO teacher. Sign up for your 1-month journey to Dutch mastery here, and use coupon code MNTINT50NWff920 for that crazy Dutch discount!

Not fully convinced yet? Contact us via the webchat. Or check out our Instagram (for the best Dutch memes, period) and Facebook page to get to know us even better. You can also always mail us via See you soon in class! Laters :).