Start your online Dutch civic integration exam today! - Inburger me Now! -

Inburger me Now! (ONLINE)

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Yes, you read it right: this is a full-fledged ONLINE course preparing you for the infamous Dutch civic integration exam!

The ‘inboergering’ or inburgeringsexamen consists of 5 parts. This online Dutch civic integration exam course prepares you for the full inburgeringsexamen. You have to pass for each individual exam in order to become Dutch. Speaking, Writing and Listening are the hardest; so those elements of Dutch are focused on mostly in this Inburger Me Now! – course.

Expect to study around 13,5 hours per week.

This includes watching lectures, deep-reading grammar and other materials and preparing your homework. You can rely on an online, personal teacher, who checks your progress and homework. You can always mail your teacher with questions and feedback on this online Inburger me Now! course.

Each week focuses on a block of grammar, a block of vocabulary and a block of reading or listening.

You then apply each part in specific exercises and 2-3 big assignments which you have to hand in every week. These assignments are essential and will be checked and graded; you get as many retakes as necessary for these, but all of them have to be handed in before specific deadlines.

You will do 2 exams. Each exam tests all of the essential parts you’ve been studying in a written part and an oral part (speaking). The first exam is always set after half of your course, the last one at the end.

At the end of this online Dutch civic integration exam course you’ll hand in a 5-7 minute presentation completely in Dutch at the desired level for your inburgeringsexamen: A2 (CEFR).

If you pass this final test and all of the previous assignments and exams, you’re done with your Inburger Me Now! – course and get a certificate. Congratulations!

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Start your online Dutch civic integration exam today! - Inburger me Now! -
Start your online Dutch civic integration exam today! – Inburger me Now! –

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