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Register today to secure your spot on the exlusive and effective small Dutch group course in Amsterdam and other cities! - Get The 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words for FREE!
Register today to secure your spot on the exlusive and effective small Dutch group course in Amsterdam and other cities! – Get The 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words for FREE!

Looking for an essential guide of Dutch? Get your FREE copy of the 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words here.

Learn Dutch your way with one of the top courses from LearnDutchOnline.nl! Choose a top course at LearnDutchOnline.nl now.

You decide how your Dutch course at LDO develops. How? Well, these top courses revolve and build around your personality and personal needs. You will learn how to be yourself in Dutch. True immersion!

Your hobbies, interests and daily life will be reconstructed in the Dutch language. That way, you’ll be truly learning Dutch the way you like it. Always with an experienced and inspiring teacher. Giving you the Dutch sentences and words you always needed!

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  • Will you be next? Most students start speaking Dutch by themselves after less than 24 lesson hours!
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  • Don’t worry about extra costs: materials, exams & certification are always included with the course fee!
  • No results? You’ll get your money back, no questions asked

Additionaly, you’ll get the benefit of the DCN (Dutch Connection Network), which connects you to Dutch professionals and internationals on every level of society in the Netherlands.

You can learn Dutch in just 1 week already..

..with the intensive week course, teaching you how to speak and write effectively in Dutch. You will reach an A1-A2 level of Dutch within 7 days, 3,5 hours per day. Materials, exam and certification? All included!

This short intensive Dutch course is perfect if you want to get to know the essentials of the language optimally & quickly. You will learn practical Dutch phrases, verbs and questions which you can use immediately. With friends, at your work or at the supermarket. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to connect with more people during this crisis? Register for this amazing course of just €612,95 here!

Pass the Dutch civil integration with flying colours

Are you looking for a course that prepares you optimally for the inburgering in the Netherlands? Look no further. This Inburger me Now course consists of 36 immersive and intensive hours of Dutch learning during 1 month.

You will learn and practice each part of the exam thorougly: speaking, writing, reading, listening and the knowledge of Dutch society. A personal, online teacher will be there for you to teach you and give you tips and tricks to pass your integration exam. And is there, for you, to answer any questions you might have. Always!

Jake, student from Amsterdam:

“The best part of the Dutch courses from LDO is that I really have to do something, so there’s no other way than to dive into the language. I love Holland and want to build a life with my kids here, and I trust theses courses are helping me to reach this goal!”

Obviously, your motivation is required for this course. You will get a little scared. You will get tired. But it will be worth it.

This course will be a serious investment. In your future in the Netherlands – and maybe even your family’s. Maybe you fell in love with the country (or one of its citizens) and chose to stay here. Or for your job. Maybe you need a Dutch passport for business purposes.

You will benefit from this course if you’re looking to master Dutch fast. Ideally, you already planned your inburgeringsexamen. Or are thinking of taking it in the near future. Join this amazing course and you’ll be ready. Guaranteed.

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Or go real hard: master Dutch for real with the 1-month intensive individual course!

Achieve an even higher level of Dutch – for professional work purposes or business – within 50 hours during the one-month intensive. Are you up to it?

You will work up to at least an intermediate level regarding reading, speaking and listening, and also dive deeper into Dutch grammar.

Long, complex sentences won’t be a problem for you at all after following this course. Even better: at the end of the month-course you will be able to do a short presentation of 3-5 minutes, completely in Dutch!

Ready to master Dutch, seriously, for only 1251,95 euro’s? Apply here!

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  • The Guarantee: no promised value = your full course fee returned. LDO is here to teach you Dutch, with the best courses, optimized for you. And nothing else.
  • Proven: teaching methods are built on tried & tested language learning systems, as applied at the best schools of the Netherlands, complemented with experience and knowledge from relevant psyschology and Dutch language, literature and culture studies
  • The Effective: most students who follow the lessons are able to write and speak Dutch effectively after less than a day (24 hours) of learning
  • Personal and Fun: all of our courses adapt to your personal level, needs and wishes. If you can or want to learn more and reach a higher level, we won’t stop you or charge you more. Your talent and motivation will be praised and honoured, at all times. With a joke and a smile. You’re here to learn, right?
  • The best Dutch memes.
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