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Learn Dutch your way with the personalized, top courses at LearnDutchOnline.nl! The most effective and affordable Dutch course you'll find.
Learn Dutch your way with the personalized, top courses at LearnDutchOnline.nl! – Register today, start speaking Dutch tomorrow.

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Looking for an affordable online Dutch course? Or an affordable Dutch group course for beginners in your city? LearnDutchOnline’s got you covered!

Pick one of the individual, group or online Dutch learning options to get started on your journey to Dutch fluency. Learn Dutch Online with one of the individual online Dutch courses, a private native Dutch teacher or offline in a small and effective group setting.

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Keep on reading to find out more on how LDO’s personal Dutch courses can help you master Dutch. For integration, work, practical and study purposes or just for fun. Personal & effective courses for online and offline Dutch learning!

Most students are able to write and speak 100% flawless Dutch sentences DURING the first session on courses of LearnDutchOnline.nl

How will you be able to master Dutch so fast on the courses of LearnDutchOnline.nl? Maybe because you will only work with native speaking experts from the best and most authentic institutions and schools of the Netherlands. You will therefore learn real Dutch – effectively and quickly, using unique and practical materials while focusing on writing and speaking. Always on an effective, affordable Dutch course, meeting all your demands. Ready to learn Dutch online, fast? Or would you rather learn Dutch in a small, personal group? LDO provides Dutch courses on all CEFR levels, both online and offline. Individually and in a small group setting.

Get started in the Netherlands with these essential tips!

Why learn Dutch on one of the courses of LearnDutchOnline.nl? What can I expect when learning Dutch with you?

Learn the Dutch language inside out, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student. Learning Dutch online in a small group setting and intensive individual Dutch lessons is what LDO believes in: you get to meet new people with whom you can learn Dutch and because of the limited amount of students, you get all the personal attention you need. If you like immersive language learning made fun, go for one of the many options LearnDutchOnline.nl offers. LDO is THE expert when it comes down to teaching Dutch to highly skilled expats. If you’re one of these professionals looking to master the Dutch language, you should sign up today and see for yourself. You’ll learn Dutch in no time with the unique courses LearnDutchOnline.nl provides!

Master Dutch fast? To fit your busy professional life? You can do it with our intensive online Dutch courses, individual lessons online and offline or intensive Dutch group lessons. Learn Dutch to feel more at home in the Netherlands. To pass your inburgeringsexamen. For daily use. Guaranteed.

Follow no-nonsense serious Dutch courses. Built from 10+ years of Dutch language teaching experience. By native speaking lovers and experts of Dutch language and culture. Most other Dutch courses obligate you to pay extra for your course materials, educational trips or exams. If you learn Dutch with us, you get all the materials for free. A network connecting you with Dutchies everywhere, exams and field trips.

Maybe you’re a business owner or manager, or an employee, looking for a suitable Dutch course: make the investment today, and sign up for a Dutch course at work here. Another differrence is, LDO’s aim is to provide you the fastest, most effective and fun way to Dutch fluency. Always. Anywhere, at any time!

Immersive, personal Dutch course with an experienced, native teacher

Your LDO Dutch native teacher will be teaching you real, practical Dutch right from the start – with no holds barred. You will be learning Dutch inside out, and nothing will be kept from you. If you are planning to stay in the Netherlands, to integrate, for work or for personal reasons, you will have to learn Dutch: choose for the best way to learn Dutch & go for an effective, affordable Dutch course from the master experts at LearnDutchOnline.nl!

Imagine how speaking just a little bit of Dutch can improve your daily life in Holland.

If you master just a basic level of Dutch writing and speaking, you will be able to participate in daily conversation and follow Dutch news. Thus, you can understand important changes in your own municipality and on a national level. If you have kids going to a Dutch public school, you will be able to participate and complain (even more) if you can speak the Dutch language. Making a simple dentist appointment. Going out with your Dutch friends. Talking to and understanding your Dutch neighbours. Everything becomes easier and better living in the low lands of the Dutch if you start to learn Dutch now! 

There are alot of Dutch courses nowadays, many of them trying to benefit from the growing number of expats and internationals in the Netherlands. While you can learn a thing or two from most of these courses, alot of these course are not designed by professional Dutch native speakers.

Let alone experienced teachers. Following one of these courses will be a waste of your precious time and money. Most of the time they do not use any standard of Dutch language levels, examination or official framework for language learning.

LDO provides a constant stream of FREE resources which you can use to learn dutch online 24/7. Furthermore, you can read the LDO Blog to get the best tips and other fun facts on anything Dutch. Every day!

Even if you choose free Dutch courses, you will miss alot of essential grammar, background. And especially individual practice. You won’t have these problems if you learn Dutch at LearnDutchOnline.nl! Besides, have you seen the free Dutch language learning resources we provide? Start watching the How to Dutch Grammar 1-minute clips now and don’t forget to download the 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs & words here (free e-book!).

Who will be teaching me Dutch?

LearnDutchOnline.nl, an authentic Dutch school, consists only of native Dutch teachers, tutors, writers, reporters and many other experts and lovers of the interesting Dutch language. Their aim is to provide anyone looking to learn Dutch for integration, work, study or hobby purposes, with Dutch courses online and offline in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Eindhoven etc.

Choose for the courses of LearnDutchOnline.nl, if you are looking for a fast way of learning REAL Dutch online and offline which you can use immediately in real life situations. You will not learn only one correct way of responding or creating a Dutch sentence – but all of them! Learn Dutch as quick as you can with any of our courses you decide to choose. All of them are crafted with true passion for, knowledge of and experience with the Dutch language. Effectively teaching Dutch to you. LearnDutchOnline.nl always has a suitable Dutch course for you, and you can also design your own course if necessary!

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When and where can I start learning Dutch on of the courses of LearnDutchOnline.nl?

You can always start one of LDO’s online Dutch courses, or individual online Dutch lessons, during anytime, anywhere. The group courses start at least once a month however, depending on attendance and number of applicants during that particular period. The real life group/individual courses take place in the Netherlands, in Amsterdam at the Vrije Universiteit near Station Zuid. You can also follow our Dutch group lessons if you live in Eindhoven, Amstelveen, Utrecht and Leiden. Lessons in other major cities are also provided (Almere, Den Haag, Rotterdam, Haarlem, Hilversum etc.) based on demand. You can always chat to us here, or via Facebook or Insta. Or register here directly, for an effective, affordable Dutch course, with no obligations of course.

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How will you EVER learn Dutch? Start by downloading the 100 most important Dutch questions, phrases, verbs and words (FREE ebook)!

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